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The next BIG thing?

March 16, 2010

I am always wondering what the next big thing in technology will be.  I feel like recently I have been let down – iPad, google wave, 3D televisions. Dont get me wrong, some of this stuff is cool, but really, where is the WOW factor? I am ready to be amazed by something.

Like when is nanotechnology going to take off? That’s what I am most looking forward too. I feel / hope that right now we are on a technological exponential curve, and we are approaching the point where things skyrocket. I want something like this:

And this was over two years ago! I am just wondering whats going on. Lets go scientists, make this stuff! Haha I know that there is a TON of research going on, but I can still be impatient.

One of the cooler things that is being developed now, I think, is the idea of augmented reality. This is when you, in a way, combine reality with technology in order to improve reality. This is almost the inverse of virtual reality, where you combine technology and reality in order to improve technology. With virtual reality, you make technology more lifelike, but with augmented reality, the technology helps you make reality more informative. Check out this quick video to get a better idea:

Basically, something like your cell phone will be able to help you interact with the world in front of you. I think it’s pretty cool!

Along with this, I wonder what the next thing to be outdated will be. I recently added AIM to my list of outdated technology, and just realized it yesterday. I find it so weird that I didn’t even realize that I stopped using it, especially because I used it for over 10 years! Anyways, just me rambling! Later

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