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Die Antwoord and Mike Posner

March 17, 2010

So recently I found two great new bands. Both create catchy party music, and I have been having fun listening to them.

This first one is called Die Antwoord, and I found it via Boing Boing a month ago from this post: Die Antwoord


Basically, Die Antwoord ( “the answer” in afrikaans) is a rap group from South Africa, and at first listen/look, you probably will think they are really weird. But after you listen a few times, it is VERY catchy. The band is made up of Ninja (who raps) and Yolandi Vi$$er (who raps and sings). This band’s story is amazing to me because it really displays how powerful blogs, virality, and word of mouth has become. This band was literally unknown before last month, and after some of their videos were posted on top blogs, they went viral. So much so that their website actually crashed and they had to pay to get it back up an running.  I wont go into too much more detail, except the fact they they are pretty gangster, poor, and although a bit weird and maybe goofy, I think they are just being who they are, so who can judge them for that! Here is the first video that got me hooked:

And here is their website, you can listen to all of their songs for free! Give them a chance, and they will grow on you. There is just something about them that I love. They are funky, weird, real, and have cool accents. Also as odd as her haircut is Yolandi is kinda sexy.

Here is an interview with them via Boing Boing, after they got signed with Interscope Records! Die Antwoord Signed

Ok onto our next artist. This guy’s name is Mike Posner, and my friend Jessie told me about him last week. She perfectly described him as a “mix between Girl Talk and Justin Timberlake”. I haven’t really had much time to find out his story, but it seems like he works with a lot of DJ’s to make sick remixes. In addition he does really cool covers. Here is my favorite song:

Here is his youtube page if you want to hear more Mike Posner

Other good songs by Posner:

Drug Dealer Girl

Speed of Sound

Enjoy guys! And let me know any new artists you have found, I am always up for some new music.

P.S. I found a great new way to listen to music at work, or even at parties – Grooveshark. It is like a super Pandora, you can create your own playlists and actually listen to whatever song you want to hear, plus you can turn on the Radio feature to hear songs that are similar to ones you are playing!


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