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#Lostcomics !

March 24, 2010

So, as you know I LOVE Lost, even if I have been a little annoyed with the current season. But anways, recently I came across a whole slew of Lost based comics on twitter, denoted with the #lostcomics hashtag. I decided to include my favorites, as well as the links to where you can find more, and the artists twitter names!

So, the two who started it, are @nedroid and @beatonna . @wolfhard joined in with one, as did a few others! I hope someone like boingboing or mashable picks this up! Just seach #lostcomics on twitter (or click there) and you will see soooo many RT’s and original tweets by the artists. Also, some tweets from people saying how they thought everyone was talking about old comics. HAHA

The comics are all so witty and funny. They poke fun at how ridiculous lost can be. I am now more excited to watch Lost having seen these comics, and I can’t wait to see all then new comics!

And just a quick disclaimer. All of these photos are credited to the artists above! The caption of each picture shows who drew what, and if you click, it will take you to their twitpic pages!

if you think I have better things to do the answer is yes #lo... on Twitpic

via @beatonna

Did you stay after the credits of last week's LOST? #lostcomics on Twitpic

via @nedroid

Oh Claire #lostcomics on Twitpic

via @nedroid

It's always about Jack #lostcomics on Twitpic

via @nedroid

A quick Lost comic, inspired by @nedroid and @beatonna on Twitpic

via @wolfhard

Lost prediction #2 on Twitpic

via @beatonna

This last comic can be found here. It is by @rachael_ . She has never watched Lost, and this is her take on it :

Great Stuff!

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