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Daily Roundup

March 31, 2010

So here is a roundup of things I found today and thought were interesting:

This picture via reddit. I am already scared enough of what I can’t see below me when I am swimming. Thanks

==This story: Some Japanese video game maker created a game in which the goal is to rape a girl! It’s called RapeLay .I can’t even believe it, some people are so sick. Story here

==This article on smoke photography. I think I want to try this this weekend! Have a click and just look at a few of the photos.

==Lol this short video about what it would be like if Lady Gaga weren’t famous.

==These photos I edited of Alina from out weekend in Dol de Bretagne / Mont St. Michel

==And this crazy video. This is a long video, but well worth it. Its about a very religious family/church/cult that are agains homosexuality, and pretty much everything. It is amazing that these people can raise children the way they do.

==To end things we have this sweet song by Aj Rafael, based on the movie (kind of) – 500 days of summer

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