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Covers – Week 2

April 2, 2010

Ok here we go, week 2!


1. 1901 by Phoenix – Covered by maybejune. Sadly this is her only video on youtube! She has a really nice cover though

Don’t have any honorable mentions for this video, but check out this cover of Liztomania (another Phoenix song) by a school chorus PS22 –


2. Hey Soul Sister by Train – Covered by kollaboration00 – LOVE this song

Additional Covers

“Hey, Soul Sister” Train COVER by ekaiann

Hey Soul Sister by hchsknights08


3. Who’s Lovin You – Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 – covered by Shaheen Jafargholi – Quick word on this. This was on Britain’s Got Talent last year before Michael died. The beginning is a little annoying because it does seem like it wsa set up, but nonetheless this kid can sing. He also sang at Jackson’s funeral ceremony thing.

Additional Covers

WHOSE LOVING YOU – Jackson 5  – Obviously there is no comparing to little Michael Jackson himself.

Who’s Lovin You by Jamia Simone Nash. So much soul for such a little girl haha.

Who’s Lovin’ You by Jackson 5 by jazminonlineTV (Jazmin Sisters) – nice acapella version


And here is your fun random video!

The TV Theme Medley by Freddie25

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