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My experience with European schooling, Pt 2.

April 29, 2010

Ok so here is part 2! So I took all my dumb exams, 12 in total I believe. The way my grades worked here is that you need to pass every class in order to stay the 2 years in that school in Reims – good thing I am not staying 2 years! So what this meant for me was that I just had to pass my 6 or so classes I mentioned before. So the grading system here in France is weird. First of all, the French don’t really care all that much about grades – if you pass and get a diploma you are usually good. So everyone is just aiming to pass, or get a 10 out of 20 because they grade out of 20 here. Let me also share with you a little information on this out of 20 grading system. Basically it is impossible to get a anything grade above an 18. Don’t ask me why, but my french teacher told me 20 is for god, 19 is for the teacher, and 18 is for the best student in class. I find this even a bit of a stretch as I never heard of anyone getting higher than a 17 on anything we did in school here in France. So whatever – needless to say the scores are not easily transferred back to the US. So anywho, we get our grades, and out the 14 classes I took, I passed 11. Not too bad considering I only needed 6, and only failing 3 is good by French standards too. So out of the 3 I fail, I only need one for Northeastern. Here is where the trouble starts. The class, Human Resources, I thought I had passed and did a good job on the test. For the test itself, there is no right or wrong answer, you just have to propose a solution and back it up. Anyways I get my grade, a 5! Haha I was so angry, especially because the teacher wrote next to nothing on the paper, so how am I supposed to know what I did wrong. Oh and I also forgot to mention the most important part of classes here in France – whatever classes you fail, you can retake the final exam and it counts for 100% of your grade! Which is pretty nice. So I ended up having to go back yesterday to Reims to retake my HR exam – lets hope this time I pass – I really have no idea what will happen. Before I went back, I actually contested my exam grade saying I deserved a 9 or 10, which would have allowed me to pass. I stated my case saying that I backed up my answer, and the teacher didn’t really write anything constructive. They emailed me back what seems like years later, and informed me that after reviewing my exam, my generous teacher gave me an extra .5 points! SO helpful. I would have rather him give me nothing. Whatever. So now I am done with that awful school and on co-op in Paris. Life is better haha.

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  1. May 28, 2010 12:26 am

    Wonderful journey and experience!

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