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Racist Political Ad

May 10, 2010

OK, so before I show you this video, let me just say I can understand the basic idea behind it, but I still think it’s wrong.

So OK, the only thing I actually agree with in this is the whole idea to stop trying to be politically correct. Obviously if people of a certain faith tend to be more anti-American than others, they should be scrutinized a little closer. But this same idea goes for types of people too, not just religion. As one youtuber commented on the video

Things that never happened:
– The guy flying the plane into the IRS building
– The Unabomber
– Oklahoma City bombing
- Those Michigan Militia people planning to kill cops

So if we take all of these things into consideration, in addition to 9/11, then average white males that look shady should be scrutinized closer too, which they should. Profilers who have gone through hundreds of cases of terrorism put together lists of profiles to look out for, and the job should be left up to them. This Dan Fanelli is just being racist. Plus he looks creepy and he should be pulled out of line at an airport. He better not get elected.


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  1. George permalink
    May 11, 2010 1:24 am

    So I guess you’re not racist if you attack white people, average white guys in general, for things a few wackos did. Ha! And you’re calling Fanelli racist. PC is a load of crap, so is this article.

  2. caseyjerk permalink*
    May 11, 2010 8:50 am

    Hi George,

    How am I being racist? I am not attacking anyone or suggesting anyone attack anyone. I was just saying that based on history, certain people should be profiled. I am an average white guy, so I don’t think I am being racist about myself.
    And if you understood my article I was stating that I think people should stop trying to be PC, I wasn’t promoting it…

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