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Lost – The End. My take on the finale

May 25, 2010

Spoilers ahead!

First of all, it is so hard to believe that it is all over! I have been watching Lost for about 5 years (started a year late), and I have really been a huge fan of it. I have watched it with so many different people along the way, and it was sad having to watch it all alone here in France. I guess for me it wasn’t so much “live together, die alone” as it was “start Lost together, finish it alone” haha…

Anyways, so after much reflection, I have to say that I did like the finale. Sure it didn’t answer a lot of questions but I think it ended in typical Lost style. So basically the alt timeline was indeed a purgatory like place, and not created from the hydrogen bomb as I had originally thought.  Things are still definitley a little hazy though. Like why were their lives that way in purgatory? Some say that the alternate timeline was a chance for the characters to live their lives like they really wanted to, without the mistakes and stuff (Hurley being super lucky, Sayid saving Nadia, Desmond being accepted by Whitmore). But then there are people like Charlie, who was the exact same, or Claire who was the same as well. Who knows? I wish they had explained that part a little more.

I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed every single “remember” moment, where the characters remembered their past lives. The Sun/Jin one and the Sawyer/Juliet one definitely had me tear up. And of course the Charlie Claire one. I dont care what anyone says, I loved Charlie and I think he became an awesome character on the island.

Check out this awesome video my friend Sara sent me:

Some of my favorite parts of the finale:

Locke saying to Jack something along the lines of  “Jacob picked you? I’m actually surprised because you were the obvious candidate from the beginning.” Haha

Kate saying to Jack “Christian Shephard, are you kidding ?” I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on that before either.

I was happy that all of the characters were happy when they learned that they were actually dead. They weren’t saddened or anything, they were glad.

Jin and Sun remembering how to speak English haha!

Jack, about to “Die alone” but Vincent comes and lays down next to him!

Locke forgiving Ben

Things I am still confused about:

Why wasn’t everyone at the church in the end, Ecko for example.

Why didn’t Benjamin go with them in the end? It seems like once you remember the past you can move on? But I guess he just needed more time to go over stuff?

Why didn’t Daniel get to go with them? Desmond told Eloise that he wasn’t taking him with them.

How the HELL did Jack stay alive for so long after getting stabbed with a huge knife.

How Jack’s super punch:

Turned into this: Jack falling into Locke

Anyways. Lost, I loved you. There is a void in my life now that will never be filled. I miss you.

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