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Antoine Dodson Viral Video: How awesome it really is

August 10, 2010

In one of my recent posts, I ended with a video that had just recently gone viral – the Antoine Dodson video. Have a look at the original again below if you haven’t seen it. Basically the video starts off normal, then just gets really funny when the brother (Antoine) talks. Now, he is just being himself, and he was obviously very emotional after the incident, but within hours of this video being posted on the new website, it had a ridiculous amount of views, and has really become an example of a viral video at its best.

So the video airs, and within days there are remix’s to the video, memes, designs, covers of the remix, and even a blog that Antoine set up. According to the makers of the remix video the song hit #3 on the R&B charts on iTunes!



And then an acoustic COVER! I LOVE ACOUSTIC COVERS!:

And of course, Antoine has made a blog. Pretty funny:

In addition to just being really funny and cool, I think this video is a perfect example of what a viral video is and what it can turn into. The video wasn’t made by some company or organization, it was just a regular news report that regular people saw, loved, and re-shared. From there the creative minds, the best of the best, took over and hyped the video even further. The people behind the remix do a series called auto-tune the news, where they pretty much do what they did with the Dodson video: create songs from clips by adding beats and auto tuning it. I would suggest checking them out here: . The song they made from the Dodson clip is on iTunes, and like I said it is currently #3 on the R&B iTunes charts! That itself is just ridiculous, and is creativity at its best. And just imagine – without means of sharing this video and its remixes, such as YouTube, Facebook and Reddit (where I first saw it) this would have never happened! Good thing I love all three.

Thats all for now, I just wanted to share how awesome I think this whole thing is! The internet at its best.

I’m sure there will be some gear for sale soon, followed by Antoine actually releasing his own songs. Let this stand as a prediction!

As I finished writing that, I found this – Official Merch is already out! I will link back as soon as I find out Antoine has released a new song. I give it 1 month.

Hide ya kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husb cuz they rapin’ errybody out here

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  1. August 10, 2010 12:02 pm

    Lol that’s what i call posting an article, great details in the explanation of viral. Ima cheick your site regularly now 🙂


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